Reading – a lost passion

[Reading Time: 2 – 2 minutes]

I miss the days when I could sit and read for hours on end.  That welcome period of time between jobs – back when we first moved to Virginia.  I tried to enjoy each and every day knowing it would end and work would await me once again.  Now, after 5+ years of work, and I mean 50+ hours per week work, possibly more given I spent more time there than in my own house, I have the time to read once again.  The only up-side was it was a family-friendly workplace.  My kids could and did come by after school just about every day.  They could sit in my office, but given the nature of where I worked, they mostly hung out with their friends.  But, I digress and have gone off topic.

I am now starting a book.  The last one I read took me six months.  That was a bit long given it was not that long of a book and one I had already read years ago.  I just picked up Book of the Dead (Kay Scarpetta) by Patricia Cornwell.  I am only a few pages in but it is looking promising already.  I should re-read all my old favorites by Patricia Cornwell.  The series changed and dipped then found itself once again.  I am sure I will not be disappointed.

I actually have tons of books I have yet to crack open.  I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with some old and new friends!