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Change – the one thing in life that is always constant. Makes sense, really. The weather changes; sometimes in the moment. One day you look outside and it is green and lush with vibrant colors of blue, pink, red, yellow. The next it is burnt orange, brown, mustard yellow, dark red. And then it is gone. The trees are bare; the flowers gone. Hot and humid, then cold and windy. It is quite inspiring at times and depressing at others. Change – you can not escape it.

Today is a bare, lifeless day. Overcast and dreary sort of like my life at the moment. Oh, but I remember the vibrant days. The days of full blown color. And then there was him. The glances and long lingering looks. The quick kiss when someone could walk up at any moment and catch us. The long lingering kiss where I lost myself for just a moment but never wanting the moment to end. Those days I will never forget.