[Reading Time: 1 – 2 minutes]

into the night she was thrown without warning
scared, alone
time has passed
tears shed
a fire burns in her soul
minutes feeling like hours
hours feeling like days
a shallow emptiness has consumed all
gradually she fights her way through the shadows
battered, bruised, standing tall
as one, for she is alone
light, the light is ahead
burning so bright
she runs
but alas, it still escapes her reach
to taste the light
to emerge from the darkness
one must be strong
one must know beauty
peaceful, almost dizzy
a smile is upon her now
the light is growing nearer
for she has stopped chasing it
but instead has willed it toward her
the morning is awakening
she is no longer alone
calm, serene
the darkness is no longer a threat
for even in the darkest hour
the light is always within