Walking on the Sand

[Reading Time: 1 – 2 minutes]

Walking on the sand
their feet bare
the water gently rushing the shore
stars in the heavens
shine upon them in a blanket of brilliance
the moon, almost full, but not quite round
staring at the two figures
making their way down the lines of time
hand in hand
fingers entwined
hearts racing
he looks at her
she smiles as she feels his eyes
a mild caress of moisture as the water creeps slowly up
they stop
staring out into the night
nothing but deep blue
he brushes her hair aside
gently touching her cheek
she shivers
his arms lightly brush against her
holding her close
feeling the breath of each other
eyes meet
a love so intense is seen
leaning forward, meeting
a feeling of true depth is reached
no one could ever take this moment, this feeling away
for it is captured in the very essence of their being
it is them, as two, as one