The Great Cookie Caper

[Reading Time: 6 – 9 minutes]

I found this in my emails.  The email is dated December 26, 2001.  Now before I start crying, I can feel the tears coming, let me get through this short introduction.  This was written by my father-in-law for my kids, his grandkids, in honor of his son and their father.  See, Glenn, I still have trouble saying the name, passed away right before Thanksgiving in 2001.  Although he was no longer my husband he was still my best friend.  I miss him daily.  Terry, his father, passed in December 2003.  I miss him, too.  Okay, no crying.  This is actually quite a humorous and true story.  Enjoy.

by Terry Bender
T’was three days before Christmas and all through the house,
A mother baked cookies, a red apron over her blouse.
First came the batter, mixed in a bowl of bright green,
Then the curious eyes of her children could be readily seen
Staring just over the table where she filled out each sheet,
With spoonfuls of batter, dropped in rows, oh, so neat.
When the temperature was right, into the oven they went,
A process, the children, would strongly resent.
For they knew from the beaters that mixed up the batter,
That her sweet, tasty mix — didn’t require the latter,
But into the oven they went, sheet after sheet.
Unaware it denied them their new tasty treat.
The kids became curious as they stared at the bowl
On a table, now empty, how much more did it hold?
Glenn carefully timed a reach in the bowl from the top,
But a well-aimed wooden spoon, brought that to a stop.
“Now, you kids just wait!” their mother did scold,
While secretly admiring they’d dare be so bold.
“When the timer goes off, you’ll see what we’ve made…”
“But until the clock rings, you’ll just have to behave!”
She smiled as she looked down into those pouting blue eyes,
“I know you, Glenn Bender, that’s just a disguise!”
Glenn looked down at his sister, then both sulked away,
A mother’s wood spoon, once again, ruled the day.
Then hours passed by, as their Mom baked away,
She could hear the kids nearby, innocently at play.
When out from the living room, the phone began to ring,
Mom ran to answer it, then turned to see an incredible thing…
From under the tablecloth, she saw Glenn’s tiny feet
And a tiny head, bob up by her cookies, for a peek 
She quickly checked the room where she heard them at play,
And found only Tracey with her dolls, chatting away.
She watched a small hand grab three cookies at a clip,
Then back under the table, the little hand would slip.
Unbeknownst to young Glenn, it was his Dad on the phone.
“You’ve got to see this” Mom said, “so quickly come home!”
Mom stayed by the phone ‘til she saw the Police Car out front
And watched as Dad and his partner climbed out with a grunt.
Then, from the car, the two rushed trough the front door,
Then straight to the place Mom saw the feet on the floor.
With flashlights now lighting the scene of the crime,
A startled Glenn Bender, knew he’d had it, this time!
As his partner started to read the culprit his rights,
His Dad bagged a cookie, missing three tiny bites.
Waving goodbye to his Mom, Glenn was soon wisped away,
To be printed and mugged at the Police Station that day.
The cops searched his pockets, where more cookies were found,
Glenn’s eyes rolled upward, and made a soft, “Oh, Oh!” sound
A statement was then taped, where he admitted his crime:
The willful theft of Mom’s cookies, one at a time!
They soon felt sorry for Glenn, now a faint tear in his eye,
They pondered whether or not they‘d let him slide…
Then the Cops all agreed, ‘cause it was Glenn’s first offense,
They’d let him go, this time…and hide the evidence.
With a twinkle in his eye, they all ate the cookies he had taken,
No loss, Glenn thought, plenty more, at home, Mom was bakin’.
With no charges were filed, his name wouldn’t make the paper,
A wiser Glenn was now free…to plan his next Cookie caper!
From that Christmas forward, Glenn behaved like he should,
‘Cause Mom snuck him some cookies whenever she could.
As for Glenn, his lesson wasn’t that crime doesn’t pay,
But learning, when it came to Christmas, all ages will play!