Ever Have One of Those Dreams?

[Reading Time: 2 – 3 minutes]

It starts off normal enough.  You wake up; brush your teeth.  Then you comb your hair and pack your lunch.  Maybe you eat breakfast or grab a cup a coffee before running out the door.  Must beat the traffic, right?  Oh, that is right.  You live the rural life where the only traffic jam is the slow moving tractor.  You know the one.  It just left the barn and is heading to the fields, down the road.  Way down the road.

But it is winter and the tractors are not running, much.  Being that it is a rural area you still have quite a distance to go to wherever it is you need to go.  On this auspicious morning the go to place is the office.  You know, the place where you sit behind a desk, enter things into the computer, and add things up on your 10-key.  Yes, you are a bookkeeper.

Here it is your job to keep track of things.  Remember dates.  Remember deadlines.  Remember to keep that paper trail nice and neat.  Make sure everyone is paid: employees, vendors.  Make sure your organization is paid: vendors, customers.  Always remembering.  This is essential.  So, why is it you forgot to put on clothes today?

Thank goodness this is only a dream or it could be quite embarrassing!

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