YAY! and Thank You

[Reading Time: 2 – 3 minutes]

Since finding my way through the blogosphere (as people do refer) I have entered various sweepstakes, giveaways, and instant win games.  As a result, I have had the pleasure of exploration in the variety of thoughts, ideas, passions, and preferences.  Now I know how to find discounts at my favorite stores, get coupons, be an empowered consumer, and am beginning to figure out the whole networking things.  The latter I am still working on, diligently.  I have learned of great writing resources, venues (I have a blog over at Today.com and yes, that is an affiliate link), and the different types of social media (Twitter, etc.) and how to properly socialize on such.

Thus, today I veer off topic with a Thank You to Trapped In The Office.  Let me take a step back here.  You may have noticed the Entrecard on my sidebar.  This is a way to network and advertise with and on other participating blogs.  It is through this program I came across the blog Trapped In The Office.  Katy and Ryan are freelance writers sharing their experiences and words of wisdom.  As with any blog, some posts are more relaxed and mundane, but important to the overall ambiance of the site.  Others are extremely informative and helpful in navigating opportunities and knowing what works, what does not, and helping to decide if it is worth the effort.
In my explorations, I came across a giveaway for Banana Nut Cheerios and some extras.  I entered and was one of three winners.  Here is what I won (photo courtesy of Trapped In the Office – fruit not included):
I have gone back and read prior posts and have added them to my blogroll (see below, right).  If you are interested in freelance writing, why not go check them out.