Message in a Balloon

[Reading Time: 2 – 2 minutes]

Once upon a hot summer day, a little girl set off on an adventure. With her balloons in tow she headed to the highest point she could find, a tree in her own back yard. Tucked in each balloon was the message, ‘I hope this balloon finds you well. You are someone special. Julie’ 

A few days passed when Julie spotted it; a balloon with something inside. She popped it open and found a note which read, ‘Julie, thank you for your kind words. It really brightened my day. It’s lonely out in space.’

[94 words]

This post is part of Genre Shorties Prompt Week 12.

This week’s genre is YOUR CHOICE

This week you choose the genre but I get to choose the first or last sentence of your story. I’ve had an old Steely Dan song stuck in my head today. Choose one of the following lyrics from songs I’ve been singing this week to be the first or last sentence of your post.

  • I’m never going back to my old school.
  • It’s lonely out in space.
  • You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
  • It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A

image courtesy of Heartlover1717.