Thick pashmina shawls

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This is a sponsored guest post written by Leon on behalf of Pashmina International. Post powered by Sponzai.

It’s been a long winter this year for most of us. Definitely one where extra strings have been pulled to keep up warm.

The Nepalese have had much, much colder winters for longer than there’s been writing. They adapted by learning from their goats (bear with me!) who grew special soft comfortable winter protection along their bellies. This soft, fine coiled hair can be combed out and spun into warm, light durable yarn, full of air pockets to trap warmth in.

You’d be surprised at how warm you can stay by just wrapping a scarf around your neck. Pashmina International find their shawls in the Himalayan hills, importing directly from safe well-run factories. These top quality, beautifully soft and warm pashmina shawls made from natural cashemre wool are available in a variety of colours.

Selling from bulk-bought supplies, Pashmina International are lower priced than many big stores (who often peddle well packaged but disappointingly poor quality goods; “100% cashmere wool”, for example, is often 8% cashmere and 92% wool). What’s more, shipping is always free, to any location in the world. They’re also a fab holiday gift idea, if you already have enough to keep you warm. The shawls are built to last decades, not just the current season.

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