April 1st – Mark Your Calendar

[Reading Time: 2 – 2 minutes]

A couple of things worth noting…

Book Release

If you haven’t checked out the World’s Strongest Librarian, then you are missing out on something uniquely special. And on April 1 [no joke] Josh Hanagarne’s first novel, The Knot, will be released. You don’t want to miss it!

Writing Challenge

Did you participate in NaNoWriMo last November? Did it leave you wanting more? Ever wonder what it would be like to write a script for a television show, movie, or even a play for the local theater group? Ever have one of those dreams where you’re part of a sandwich and.. uh, sorry, off topic.

The same wonderfully talented and insanely challenged challenging people who brought us NaNoWriMo have now given us Script Frenzy.

30 Days, 100 Pages, Are you in?

Be my writing buddy.


Writer’s Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest – April 24
$5 to enter, lots of prizes and fun to be had!

My Best Fiction Contest courtesy of Bookrix – March 15 – May 10
Free to enter, $1,800 in cash prizes for authors, $20 Amazon gift cards for readers