Love Story

[Reading Time: 1 – 2 minutes]

Emily & Emil Tuma 1941

The greatest love story you never read
In letters and postcards and pictures
Tears flow from my eyes and thoughts through my head
A beautiful story, only richer

The greatest love story you never heard
It is whispering in my ears
Intently piecing through the words and images
The beauty of it never so clear

The greatest love story happened years ago
In a little town not so far away
My grandparents left the pieces behind
Forever a vision of yesterday

The greatest love story never forgotten
Kept in boxes and albums to remind us
Recreating a world of so long ago
Tucked safely away for the curious

The greatest love story is yet to be told
Passed to me to share with you
They loved and laughed, lived and died
Hand in hand, arm in arm, through and through