It’s That NaNo Time of Year

[Reading Time: 1 – 2 minutes]

Are you in?

50,000 words

30 days

Mad amounts of coffee

No time to sleep, eat, bathe, uh, well, you might want to make some time for bathing.

Meet-ups, Sleep-outs, Characters mocking you whilst they dance the jig in your brain yet refuse to do as they are told on the page.

I’m in it for the long haul once again this year.

Instead of a self-reflecting piece [that went quite askew last year] I will be writing my very first YA novel.

Meet Amy, Lucy, and Matt. Amy and Lucy are best friends. Matt is the admiring little brother of Amy.

When life happens to adults, we use all of our skills to roll with the bad and revel in the good all the while knowing it’s really the in-betweens that we cherish most. When life happens to an 8 year old, it’s more like an adventure.

Life in rural America may seem limiting; in reality, it is limitless.

Three more days

Will I be seeing you on the other side?