Writing Prompt {Image 1}

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image credit

One of my favorite writing exercises: image prompt.

One of my favorite places to find and share these exercises: A Thousand Words.

Unfortunately, Jenn over at A Thousand Words has not posted a new prompt since March. I get it; we get busy. Maybe we even feel a little under appreciated for our efforts. I do appreciate all the images she has found and shared with us.

Now I am going to start posting some I have found and hope you will join me in this fun writing exercise. I may do this weekly if there is enough interest, otherwise it will be done on no set schedule.

Click on the image credit link above to get this image for your post. Make sure you credit the image source.

Add your post to the linky. Please make sure you link directly to your writing prompt post and not to your blog’s home page. If you need help, please email me. You do not need to link back here, but it is appreciated.